Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The list.

Lately our days have been all about "the list." This crazy to-do list we have going as a shared Google document that gets added to about as often as we get to take things off. Our lives have almost completed the shift to being remotely-accessible. Online banking, automatic bill-pay, a spiffy mail service that will scan things back here in the states for us to see over in Zurich, a Skype phone number from our home area code that can ring through to our cellphones... you get the picture.

Right now the two big things facing me are researching and purchasing camera equipment, and finally getting my engagement ring re-sized.

I love my DSLR, and I'm more than happy with the lens I have for it already, but I'd like to get a faster, fixed length lens for indoors/low-light shooting without a flash (oh, but that reminds me, I probably should buy a flash before we go, the built in flash pretty much blows). I'm also hoping to get a telephoto with image stablizition, but I have to decide just how much I'm willing to spend. Another thing to consider is a video camera. I have to imagine there will be times I'd like to capture some video footage in the next year. But considering that this isn't exactly my area of focus... maybe the video function on my little PowerShot is enough? What do you think? Looks like we could spend anywhere from $350 to $650 on a beginner level camcorder. Hmmmm. I have to decide on this stuff now, it'll be much more expensive to buy it there. I suppose I can correct any mistakes in November though if I decide I should have brought more.

And the ring... funny how I was thrilled when it no longer fit. As CF and I lost weight our rings traveled across our hands to larger fingers and then finally we went ringless for a while. It was a sign of our achievements. But now I miss the gorgeous thing that used to adorn my hand. We've both had our white gold bands from India resized, mine's been redone several times, you can see seams aplenty. However, my engagement ring, which was actually the one he put on my hand at our ceremony because I intended to wear it alone, is platinum and I was advised not to resize it until I was done losing weight. Well, I hope I'm not done but I've gone much too long without it. So I'll have them take the size and a half or so that I've lost already off of it and hope for the best if it becomes so loose again that I have to revisit this later.

If anyone reading has a good recommendation for where to have my ring resized, please let me know!

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