Friday, July 11, 2008

Another follow up.

Thought I would follow up my other recent post with a few things about Where the Hell is Matt?, aka my sudden obsession. I'm pleased to say that after a half dozen viewings or so I seem to be able to watch it without tearing up. Not so pleased to say that I fulfilled my destiny as a Facebook stalker (CF accused me of being one because I connected with a few of his coworkers there), and in looking for a fan page for the video I ended up finding Matt's girlfriend (there were too many people with his name so I tried hers, she's a credited creator with him, I remembered her name because we have the same first name, stop looking at me like that, what?!?!) and happened to notice she belongs to a certain corporate network there which CF could join, but I can't. Small world, but not surprising. The beautiful song from the video is for sale on iTunes and AmazonMP3 (I plan to add it to my running mix, so I hope I'm over the crying bit). And I was so right about Amsterdam. His website has his journal and the only mention I could find of where they filmed in Amsterdam was a statue. Now, look at this photo I took near our apartment last fall: statue! So then I looked at the little photos from his blog and compared the buildings and it's totally the same place. Oh, I am such a goober.

CF is over in Zurich right now for the week. I showed him the video after he had come in from a night out drinking with his new team. Maybe it was the beer and pizza talking but he seemed darn excited about the video, you know, for CF and anything YouTube and/or internet related.

For your viewing pleasure, here is the fun outtakes video (love the notes that he's added) and also an interview.

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