Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Kindred spirits

Things are hectic right now. Thank goodness for two days off! I am going to be making some wonderful "Baby's First Christmas" cards for my sister, they're her birthday gift, and her birthday was in July. But at last they're finally happening. I'm about to push "print" as soon as I finish my coffee. Every time I think about Christmas I start to panic and it gets a little harder to breathe. Hopefully I can put some time into planning today. We're hosting my family here on the day of, which I am so excited about. But the past couple years I have become an awful gift shopper. I just don't seem to make it happen anymore, the ideas just aren't coming to me. Maybe I will brainstorm a bit on gift options and make a post about it later. So if I can make these cards, plan some Christmas gifts, and get myself ready for holiday party madness in the next two day, I will be a happy girl. Speaking of holiday parties, every year I seem to find half of an outfit to wear to one particular party, and then I spend the week before scrambling trying to complete the outfit. This is such a waste of my stress right now!

So I promise to write more soon, but for now I will just share one of my recent favorite Gap photos. Oh, did I mention I just love Gap marketing? Patrick Wilson dancing in his khakis earlier this year almost killed me I loved it so much. But here is Amy Poehler and husband, Will Arnett sharing some warmth. I just love them, his television show, Arrested Development, was just about the funniest thing ever. So no one watched it, their loss. And Amy is hilarious on SNL, and was featured in my favorite sketch of recent years (RICK!). I just love how funny and cute they are together. Not that we're nearly as funny or cute, but I do think we might be able to claim "kindred spirits," what do you think?


Leslie said...

Where's that photo from last Christmas??

MW said...

Christmas 2005.