Wednesday, December 12, 2007

If only all the answers came to me so quickly!

I know I was a big talker Sunday night, eventually the three consecutive days of closing the store at 10pm got the best of me and I came home incredibly cranky. I wish I could stay in bed all day! But there is so much to do and I have to head to the gym in an hour or LT will have my head.

Yesterday morning I woke up late but had just enough time to shower and get dressed before our Christmas tree was delivered. I went and picked it out the day before and paid an extra $10 to have it brought to our house. And of course instead of using the few hours I had before going to work to get something responsible done like putting away the laundry or catching up with the Quicken, I decorated the tree! I got it almost entirely decorated before I had to head down to San Jose for work. I have to admit, I am getting tired of the drive and the amount of gas I'm going through makes me feel awful. Things were crazy at the store when I arrived, but you know I got everything whipped into shape in no time at all! This was our busiest evening so far this week, at least it wasn't boring!

I had a little blast from the past moment... a basketball player from my days at UC Davis came in with his girlfriend/wife (not sure which). I had actually seen him there before but thought we were getting a little bit old for (said with sorority sister voice) "Did you go to Davis?" This time I decided to talk to them. He confirmed that he was indeed who I thought he was and then I told him I was in the band and had gone to Louisville. (I doubt anyone reading this doesn't know but: Davis played the DII national championship in '98 and a group of us paid for our own travel to get there and slept on a dorm lounge floor all week so we could play and cheer at the games. Davis ended up winning the whole darn thing. One of my memories of the evening that followed was this guy throwing flaming paper airplanes out a hotel room window as the band and team partied together.) He got a big smile on his face and the girl with him exclaimed, "You were in the band-uh?" She looked very familiar too, I don't know if it's from Davis or if she's been in the store without him. You never know with my memory. I didn't get to talk to them too much as business picked up in the store but we kept exchanging smiles. I felt like a big goober, band nerd and shop girl... aren't I impressive?

I had two straggling customers at 10pm, I need to remind my coworkers to check in with people and let them know when we're closing soon. People are so oblivious to what time it is, they don't really mean to be keeping us, but at the same time they probably wouldn't hurry anyway. I did my best to stay polite but I was beyond ready to go home. I The first night I was done at 10:05, second night 10:15, last night I was finally there till 10:30. I was probably speeding on the way home, I just wanted to be there already. CF called me and caught me just in time, he had taken the shuttle to work and needed a ride home (he left his car at the shuttle stop in San Carlos). We ended up staying up late watching TV, finishing decorating the tree and having some midnight cranky-mood-reducing junk food. Thanks CF, I can always count on you to cheer me up!

Today is my one day off this week when I will actually be home. I have so much to do! But here's a few things for entertainment purposes:

Footage of the Spring Awakening kids singing during the strike last month:

Then, while clicking around YouTube, I ran into footage from my favorite show from my first trip to NYC this year, the Company revival. The show closed back in July, but PBS filmed the last two performances. I started to wonder if that footage would ever see the light of day on Great Performances. And oddly enough it was a matter of hours before I got my answer! posted an article that says Company airs on February 20!!! Woot! Since it will air soon enough and you're all going to watch it (please tell me they release these things on DVD!), instead of posting a badly shot bootleg video from the show I thought I'd point out this footage of the star, Raúl Esparza, singing a song from quite a different show. You might recognize him from a few supporting appearances on my favorite new television show, Pushing Daisies. I just love that show! And I hope his character comes back!


Leslie said...

That was really fun!!

Leanne said...

OMG, I just got into watching Pushing Daisies online... I want to see the first few eps I missed!

I am going to watch your clippies as soon as Tiny Face is abed...