Saturday, March 8, 2008


Today we got up and ate breakfast, got dressed, and scurried off to the San Mateo Farmer's Market. We've frequented the Belmont one on Sunday mornings (now year round!) but never had made it to the larger San Mateo market on Saturdays. Now, it didn't compare to dear old Davis but it was very impressive. CF cursed the fact that we had already had breakfast when he start spotting the bakeries (little did he know I had orchestrated it this way on purpose, duh). We rounded up some asparagus, apples (from Apple Hill, ahh, memories), yummy cheese, gorgeous eggplants and red peppers, had a sample of this and that, waited in line for a very impressive looking bakery stand, and CF got an second dose of espresso for the morning. We are going to eat good this week! We headed straight to Whole Foods from there and bought the few things remaining on our list after such a success (turkey bacon and eggs have yet to be offered at our FM).

We came home and unloaded all the goodies from our various reusable shopping bags, had a little bite of yogurt and granola, and then we hit the hill. I finally got to take CF to see the lovely view I had found weeks ago. And now that I wasn't alone we adventured down the sloping dirt path and finally found our way into this big park we had seen on Google Maps and had only sort of found part of once. Brilliant! We came out in the part of the park that we had actually found before and saw how we had missed the path, though it wasn't obvious at all. We trekked home from there, still a ways away. The first part of our walk was straight up the hill, the work out part of our walk, the second part was adventuring in the park, and the third part, was the endurance part. Just trying to get home! Now we've just lunched on delicious sandwiches made from the whole wheat rolls we got this morning from the bakery (they say to follow the crowds at FM's, and they are right). I am basically on cloud nine.

Yesterday I told LT of my intentions to run/jog now. I mentioned my concerns about the impact and my knees and bendy joints. She said to stick to the treadmill for now, which is just fine with me. I did my intervals just like Ms. SW's program suggested. It wasn't all glorious this time around, I found myself obsessing over my chubby cheeks bouncing up and down my face as I ran, and twice the stupid emergency stop button was triggered on my first treadmill. I moved over but my concentration was pretty much shot. Even so, this girl now comes with real jogging action!

Feeling pretty darn healthy, happy, and smug. Not bad for someone who has no idea what they're doing with their life, eh?


Leslie said...

Not bad at all! You're doing what you should with your life ,it just isn't all clear yet.

Sara said...

Sounds like my idea of a perfect day! Thanks for reminding me to get out there and take advantage of the farmer's market. Since we started getting the CSA box we hardly ever need to go, but I miss all the bakery items!