Friday, March 21, 2008

Smug continued...

Last Saturday was brilliant. I found myself without cash in hand or in my checking account so I thought the farmer's market wasn't going to happen for me. But I remembered these American Express gift cheques CF had been given at work and he had handed off to me for some reason that had been floating around in my bag ever since. A friendly banker inside the credit union helped me out and cashed them for me, $75 and a big day planned!

I hit the farmers' market a bit later than I meant to, decided to go straight to the gym, figuring the produce could take a little extra time in the car. While on the treadmill I realized I was really cutting in close with my plans to meet up with Mr. MP before my haircut. So I rushed home, had a quick shower and jump back in the car heading for the Millbrae BART station. It was only then that I remembered the precious goods in the trunk of my car! Drat! I decided to chance it and parked in the shady, somewhat refrigerated garage and if I had to toss a few things it would be OK (in the end everything survived!). I had to run a bit, my heavy Danskos making me regret my choice of footwear, especially after running, but I made one train earlier than I had hoped for! Score!

MP picked me up near the Embarcadero station and we headed over to brunch at Canteen, one of our favorites. Delicious! We thought we had an hour before my appointment so we decided to drive over to his favorite coffee place to buy beans for each of us to take home. The post-parade (St. Patrick's Day) traffic got the better of us though, I was going to be late. The salon understood and Thomas assured me everything was fine when I finally rushed in. I got a great haircut and left feeling like a million bucks. I needed a little afternoon pick-me-up and grabbed two fleur de sel caramel chocolates before heading back down to BART. When I went to pay the $3 for them I realized I was handing over the last of my cash (FM shopping, brunch, coffee beans, tip for Thomas, it all adds up), but I just loved that it was like surprise bonus money, the whole day was a gift! I got back to my car in Millbrae and all the food looked fine, I swung past Whole Foods for the very few other things I needed for the week. Whew! What a day! I must say, I've gotten very good at Saturdays lately.

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