Saturday, March 15, 2008

European Adventures Redux

I'm coming at you from the the end of one of the weirdest nights of sleep I've had in a while. I got home around 5:30 yesterday, watched some TV and started to feel awfully sleepy. The last couple days were all long days, I decided to lay down for a while before I started in on the little to-do list I had written myself. And well, next thing I know it's 6am on Saturday and I've slept all night curled up on CF's side of the bed (he's gone to Texas, that's a whole other story) with the light on. So much for cooking myself a good veggie dinner and watching Netflix! Maybe tonight.

So Tuesday night I closed the store, and was there a bit late due a little error made the night before by someone else that I had to straighten out. Wednesday morning I opened, so I was gone less than 12 hours. Actually much less because I needed CF to drop me off and he had a 9am meeting. I was an hour early for work. Yuck. But it was a short day, in a way, at 4pm a coworker and I carpooled up to one of the store in the city for a bookbinding workshop. That was fun! I have been hesitant to answer many questions about bookbinding in the store because I hadn't ever done it myself. So I am now fully trained, finally, a year later! And my wonderful coworker even dropped me off at home, still it was a long day. Thursday started a bit early as well, CF woke up early to go get a train into San Francisco, he was going to the office there for the day. I tried to sleep in a bit but it didn't happen. Eventually I headed out for some errands and the gym (the running is going well, thanks SW!). That afternoon I visited Bombshell in San Mateo for an eyebrow shaping. This shop is too cool, I had to stick with them. I wish I was one of their sisters so I could work there too! I'm so happy for them. After one last trip home I then set out for the Millbrae BART station to ride into the city for a great night out.

CF met me at the 16th and Mission station. I have to say, it's much easier to find someone at a BART station than a NYC subway station! I just came up the stairs and as I got out my phone I saw him leaning on a wall near the exit waiting for me. We walked over to Little Star Pizza, I had been to their other location a couple year ago and was thrilled to finally be back for more! The champagne cocktails are on the menu at this location too, even if they might have been able to get a full bar license. They decided to stick with what they do best. I ordered the Movie Star, which includes ginger ale and ginger beer and a fizzing pieces of candied ginger at the bottom of the glass. Yum! We split a salad and a small flat crust pizza (even if they are know for their deep dish, we're just stubborn like that). There were only a few people there when we got in, but by the time we left it was clear that this location is doing just as well as the on on Divisadero.

We now dive into the European part of the night. A visit to the Monk's Kettle, part of the up and coming Belgian beer trend in San Francisco, which unfortunately probably means it is also soon be overly crowded and annoying. So I'm glad we went now, and we got there just in time, we snagged the last two seats at the bar and just minutes later people were filling in, standing behind us. The beer menu was incredible, we saw many "old friends." I decided if I was going to indulge it had better be something I knew I'd love so I ordered my favorite, the Rochefort 8. CF ordered a beer he had never had and was excited to try. The bartender looked at least slightly impressed with our selections but came back a minute later, they were out of CF's order. He suggested a replacement, something he was very excited about and they had just got in. The bartender said he'd have to join CF in drinking it, and they'd be the first two people to get to enjoy it. So CF got a glass of Monk's Cask and so did the bartender. We all clinked glasses and the noise level in the bar started to pick up. As I sipped the dark ale I felt like I was back in Belgium. CF was pleased with the beverage he ended up with. It was slightly fruity, but tart, much like Ms. D's favorite, the Saison DuPont, but even a little less sweet. We squeezed in another round and wobbled our way back to the BART station for the evening's main event.

The Z's were waiting out front of the Warfield with our tickets. Gogol Bordello, our gypsy punk band we saw in Paris, was back in town! The place was packed, noisy, and smoky. We could hear the opening band from the lobby as we indulged in yet another round of drinks (oh my, how it all adds up, I'd better finish up this post and get to the gym!). People started pouring out of the auditorium and we knew the opening band was done. We were ready to find our seats so we took the chance to get inside. There was a DJ on stage spinning some extremely loud Bhangra. KZ and I did a tiny bit of shoulder dancing and laughed. I was suddenly very sorry I hadn't brought earplugs, but right then PZ handed me the earplugs he had lent me in Paris. Awesome! We shuffled up to our seats and took in the crazy atmosphere around us. I don't know if I had ever seen such a wild vibe in the Warfield! And it only picked up from there when Gogol Bordello hit the stage. Although I was thankful for my seat, my own little reserved space, I was wondering what it was going to be like to sit down for the group I couldn't stop moving during before. But two songs in everyone was on their feet so that didn't matter anyway. It wasn't quite like seeing them in the smaller venue in Paris, but I'm so happy we went again.

After the concert we grabbed a bottle of water, said goodbye to the Z's as they headed back to Davis, and descended into a BART station full of concert attendees. Everyone was still pumped up, newly purchased t-shirts were pulled over various outfits right and left... my ears were ringing like crazy. Ouch. Before not too long our train arrived and we were on our way home. We mellowed out and the late hour finally sank in. CF graciously shared an earbud with me and we listened to his iPod until we got back to Millbrae and drove the rest of the way home. The night wasn't over yet though. He had to do laundry so he could pack for his trip! We meant to get it through the wash and into the dryer, but not surprisingly we didn't last that long.

So the next morning we got the clothes in the dryer and had breakfast home so he could pack afterwards. I dropped him off at work and said goodbye until Sunday. I was a bit of a zombie during my fortunately short day at work. Left around 4:30, had to fight my way home without use of the carpool lane, and well, you know the rest of the story (this is where this post began). What a week!!!

I've got a haircut scheduled in San Francisco (that's right, back for a third time in four days) this afternoon and also plan on hitting the gym, the farmer's market and brunch with Mr. MP along the way. At least I've rested up!


I am the microphone astronaut said...

Great blog. I wish I had more patience to actually knock out a concise blog like yours...I happened upon your site when I clicked on the Alice Smith link in my profile. Weird. Anyways, she's gonna be at Bottom of the Hill on Monday! Peace. Micro.

Sara said...

Glad to hear the running is going well. And I'm horribly jealous that you guys went to see Gogol Bordello again! Their CD has been a permanent fixture on Mike's iPod since he bought it and we both love it. Ah well, next time.