Friday, February 22, 2008


Some of you may have known that I applied again for a job that I interviewed for in 2006. Last time I was turned down although I was told my feedback was extremely positive I just didn't have the level of customer service experience that they were looking for. So when I noticed this job was posted again I thought I might as well try sending in my resume (after all, I have exactly what I was missing last time) and see if it got me anywhere. Well, it did not. Which should have made me more excited about the fact that within the year we will probably be opening another store closer to home and I will most certainly be going there because, well, the drive is getting old, plus I'd bring some new-store experience with me. But actually, getting rejected somehow made me like my job less. It suddenly feels so permanent, I don't even know what I would want to do next, let alone what I'll even have the opportunity for. Is it so much to ask for in life to have a goal? To just want something? So here I am, utterly lost as ever.

About two weeks ago now the floor of our downstairs bathroom started to be really wet after a shower. At first I thought I had somehow pointed the showerhead just right at the door so water got out, or somehow my hair dripped more than usual after I got out. Nope. We soon figured out that the tile was starting to get soggy, as was the carpet on either side of the bathroom walls! We got our home owner's insurance involved and they set us up with a crew of water damage cleaners. They ripped out all the tile and then we could see quite plainly that more water was still running out of the walls, into the floor. So today some plumbers came to the house and ripped out our sink and shower. Yikes. They managed to find the leak though. Teeny tiny hole, big problem. He handed me the wayward pipe so I could show it to the insurance adjuster. This little pipe as totally wiped out our downstairs bathroom. It's sort of hilarious though. We were just getting started on planning a mostly cosmetic remodel for our upstairs bathroom, wishing we could just put in a cool shower instead of a shower/tub combo, but there was no tub downstairs so we felt obligated to put a tub in this bathroom. Well, now we've got one destroyed bathroom and one ugly pink bathroom... perhaps we'll get what we want after all. I just could have done without getting it this way! Last weekend I started to freak out a little that I was hanging out with my family for most of Saturday, had to go to work on Sunday, was planning on going wedding dress shopping with KM on Tuesday, and was planning on going to see Ms. shoppingsmycardio on Friday. I might be social and talkative but I need my days at home too. Well, I had to cancels plans on both of my days off because I had to be here while people were working on tearing apart that little room. Be careful what you wish for!

Tomorrow is a big event at the store. Let's hope the weather doesn't keep too many people away. At least there might be fewer people just wandering through, I like being able to focus my attentions on the people with real interest and projects going on. I don't mean to be a snob! Then Sunday we're having the return of our Oscars viewing party. We drag the television out of its hiding spot in the extra bedroom we have disguised as a den. I've got the ballot just about ready to print. And I believe we've settled on a party menu, hopefully people will understand if it's a bit simpler than usual. Neither of us have the brain power to be completely brilliant right now.

Speaking of brilliant... Company finally aired on PBS this week. I saw it last January on Broadway, it ran till July and I read that two of the final performances were filmed. I know I'm a horrible nerd, but I have never been so excited to watch Great Performances. It's shameful though. I didn't manage to get to 6am spin the next morning because I had stayed up too late watching PBS! Aren't I just awful?

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But you're thinking about it and questioning...that's worth a lot.