Thursday, February 28, 2008

Horrified and fascinated!

Oh no, they didn't!
I love it and hate it so!

On a less horrified note, I can't wait to see Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day! Who's going with me?

Last weekend's wedding event was a smashing success! I got to show the head of invitations (for the whole company) my stuff, and juggled a million and a half brides. The Oscar party was also loads of fun. I wish I had orchestrated things just a bit better so we could have played some trivia before the show instead of watching too close to the start time and ending up having to watch commercials! Someone host a game night soon! Or maybe I will. Mr. PdP took home the Juno soundtrack for predicting the most winners and Mr. MP took home the soundtrack to Once for predicting the most answers to our Bonus Questions. I'm not sure he's enjoying it. I'd love to hear it so maybe I'll get it back from him and get him something else! Hollywood glamor let down a little, nothing I could Oooo or Ahhhh over, really. But overall the ladies looked lovely. Considering they didn't have much notice... things could have been worse.

We're cooking up anniversary plans... half a lifetime together! I can't believe it. CF is "threatening" to book tickets to NYC if I don't commit to a plan soon. Does he think I'm going to make any decisions now? Other ideas I've kicked around include hiring someone to clean our house before the four days I have off from work, hiring a personal chef for dinner the night of our anniversary (the first of the four days) and maybe having someone come over for massages (we always seem to get massages on our anniversary). Or maybe going a little further like a night out in the city. Domino magazine just did a feature on some great shops in Savannah, and suddenly I wondered what the weather is like there in March. We got married on a beautiful March 27th but ALL of our anniversaries have featured rain. Anyways, whatever we do, I will just be overwhelmed with the fact that I have been with this guy for half my life. Sometimes I wonder if I can function without him around. Yes, I know I can. But I'm better when I'm backed up by my other half. I used to resent the fact that about 99% of the people we know never knew me before he was around and seem to know him singly and then us as a couple. What about me?!?! Well, I've tried to become a better singular me, and also a better member of the team over the past couple years. Isn't it funny that both things can be true?


Leanne said...

I want to go "Live for a Day" too! Is that The Piemaker? Whew!

MW said...

It IS Lee Pace... one of the main reasons I got excited about the movie. I missing Pushing Daisies!

Leanne said...

Me, too. I wish they would at least post "new" ones online... I have never seen the pilot still.