Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chance in hell...

I was thinking about my recent non-blogging and how every time I thought of something to write I would think, "Oh, but I have to write about [blank] first..." and then it snowballed so much that I can't even remember everything I was going to write about! Let's just jump in with what's going on right now.

In the past month I've been doing a damn good job of getting more exercise than I was basically any time since starting my job last spring. Mostly I do two or three morning spin classes a week (who knew I could learn to get up for a 6am class?) and work out with Ms. LT twice a week. The past week has really kicked my butt. I did upper body strength Wednesday evening, got up early for spin Thursday morning, and then did a killer all over strength training session on Friday, and THEN went and walked up the hill for over an hour. I was sore on Saturday but it felt great, I haven't been sore like that in a long time. Waking the hill is really cool right now, the sun is shining but it's not hot by any means, people are working in their gardens, and everyone is smiling. I try to take at least one block that I've never seen before each time and I've ended up discovering some amazing views up there. It's fantastic.

January was a slow month at work, the weather sucked so no one wanted to shop in our lovely LA style shopping center. February rolled around, the clouds broke, the sun came out, wedding season is coming and BAM! Suddenly we're several days ahead in sales goals. We're scrambling to cover the days with the hours we're allotted after last months less than stellar sales... it's crazy! A lease is either signed or will be signed soon that will lead to a store opening up much closer to home, so the potential to switch to that store is very exciting. It's got all kinds of thoughts swirling in my head.

Ms. KM has lost her mind and has decided to have her wedding this year. Actually she's made an amazing decision to scale down the party plans and put most of their wedding budget towards a down payment instead. Can you believe someone was actually strong enough to make that decision? So we've got to find a dress as soon as possible, and most likely off the rack. She has been kind enough to let me assist. I have been something of a good luck charm to at least two other brides in the past, and since she and I look so similar now and I would kill to be able to inject the me I am now into the wonderful wedding I had four years ago... well, I'm shopping vicariously with her. The heartbreaking thing is the reality of working in a retail environment, she wishes everyone could attend the wedding but the sad truth is that the store needs a staff. I'm not sure what's going to happen with this one. It's sort of an all-or-nothing kind of thing, it's possible she won't be able to invite anyone from work to the wedding. Isn't that awful?

There's so much else going on but I won't try to cover it all right now. I heard the writer's strike might be over. I still haven't seen confirmation that the Oscars are a go, but it would seem the big show will actually go on! I've been enjoying some new tunes, some of them I've already shared here. More soon!

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