Saturday, January 5, 2008

Work forced to wait too...

So after a morning that really should have told me to just go back to bed I got on the road heading to work. The drive was so scary! I think the fastest I went on the best part of the road was about 60, but only for a minute or two. Around the halfway point I got a call from the store, thank goodness I had thought to put on my hands-free device! The power was off and the two of them were just sitting in the dark, they had made one sale and one other customer had come in, but all the restaurants around us were closed and they were hungry. So I pulled off the freeway to try the In-N-Out drive through but the line was beyond insane, I settled on Safeway near work. The rest of the drive was even scarier and I was talking to CF, he told me to not drive if I was scared and I asked what he would have me do, pull over and wait for the storm to clear up in three days? I kept on trucking and made it to Safeway, a lot of the street signals were out, looks like San Jose got hit hard! I looked at the hot soup, but got distracted looking for one my vegan (by choice) slash gluten-free (by necessity) manager could eat and ended up buying a refrigerated container of soup, which did us little good at a store with no power! But the apples, nuts, and veggies I brought were a welcome sight at the store. M and J were just sitting behind the counter. We called the coworker who would have been driving in from Santa Cruz, turns out she had been trying to call the store but the phones weren't working, she couldn't make it through the hills and had turned around and gone home, thank goodness! We sat there for about two hours before we finally got word to pack up and go home, thank goodness, again! The drive home wasn't nearly as bad as the way there, but the storm sounds like it's still going strong.

What a craptastic day! I am going to do my best to make the most of the extra time and get some work done around the house so I can enjoy a movie tomorrow. At least something good might come out of this!

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