Friday, January 18, 2008

Confessions of a relapse...

Okay fine, I admit it. The five-ish extra pounds that appeared over the holidays weren't "fluff" pounds as a friend at the gym used to call them. Usually, if I travel a teensy bit in the wrong direction on the scale those pounds are quick to come back off. You sort of lose pounds as fast as you gained them, which is why I don't mind that it's taking several years to get the majority of the weight off, I took many, many years to put it on. But these five pounds? They went on super quick, so why won't they just leave? Frustrating but I know it's not really a huge deal. I just wanted to confess my sins: 2008 is not starting out too great, when it comes to weight. And I used to be able to brag that no matter what, I could at least maintain like a champ. I think I have to give up my title.

However, I feel great. That's what really counts, right? Can someone please get me to totally believe that? I've been shifting back to paying more attention to getting enough veggies during the day, less attention to what to avoid and feel bad about. I try to be not eat anything after 8pm, and I'm getting better at that. Tuesday morning I went to spin at the new Gold's Gym in Redwood City. I pay an extra $3 a month to be able to go to either gym, so worth it! The new spin room is lovely, they have something like 35 bikes instead of 22, and they're not packed together making it impossible for two people to use heart rate monitors next to each other. Next month as I work more in the mornings I think I will become very familiar with those early morning spin classes. I've also enjoyed some great walks recently. Last Sunday CF and I drove across 101 to Redwood Shores and found a lovely part of the Bay trail that we had never walked before. It was very flat so I don't think our heart rates really got pumping, but my legs felt good and tired by the end of our hour and half walk. Yesterday was such a beautiful day I couldn't stand to stay inside the gym for cardio after working out with LT. I came home, put on my Shuffle and headed up our neighborhood hill. I tried to find a totally new route to wander, I was only partially successful, but I did find some gorgeous vistas... I could see San Francisco so clearly from up there! I ended up walking for close to an hour and a half and my walk included some very steep roads. My calves are sore this morning. Unfortunately, so was my knee. So I did skip spin class. I'm trying to allow myself an extra day to rest and not feel bad about skipping the cardio. I'll just focus on eating right instead. Tomorrow I'll work out with LT again, and CF and I are going for a walk. If we go back up the hill I'll bring my camera with me this time so you can play along at home.

So it's give and take, up and down, trying to be good to myself. I wish living healthy and feeling good was enough for me. Damn, I hate those numbers!

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