Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Journey "Home."

Can I really have been here so many days already?

My last hours spent in the States weren't great. I found myself slightly under prepared and scrambling to get packed. The short time I slept the night before I left was with my suitcase opened on the bed next to me as I hadn't quite got it packed right. I figured I'd head into my flight a bit weary but that would help me get some sleep. I was feeling a bit lonely and nervous as I arrived at the airport, but I perked up a bit when I was reminded at the check-in counter that I could try out their lounge since I was flying business class. The Red Carpet Club wasn't as impressive as I would have hoped, but it was MUCH better than waiting at the gate. I chatted online with a few people and that made me feel a little less alone. I heard the first boarding call for my flight and decided to just go for it. I felt weird, very spoiled, as I boarded without waiting in line. My seat was rear-facing, but I had selected it as one of the last options on an aisle. Not nearly as comfy as I would have expected a business class seat to be! But the amount of space that I had to myself and the fact that the seat went all the way flat made me extremely happy. Thank you, thank you, CF for thinking to put me there.

I spent a good chunk of the flight with my feet up, watching movies and drinking plenty of water. All right, I'll admit to one vodka tonic before dinner and port with dessert. Turns out I love a good port, by the way. I decided to try to catch up on that sleep I so badly needed, but it wouldn't quite happen for me. The flight crew kept bustling by, I wondered if the aisle seat was such a good idea. Oh well, I was extremely comfortable and if no deep sleep came I at least got some good rest. We did hit some turbulence that night, and I am happy to report it bothered me very little. I think I was comfortable enough to stay relaxed. While laying flat in my rear-facing seat I was basically flying head first. I had headphones and a sleep mask on and decided to "pretend" to be sound asleep. Pretend to who, you ask? Ummm, I guess myself!

We landed in Frankfurt a bit early so I had most of three hours to wait for my half-hour flight to Zürich. I managed to find the lounge there and put their espresso machine to work. It was morning now and it was time to stay awake. Eventually it was time to board my second flight, this one was staffed with pretty German blondes and the passengers were mainly businessmen in suits. A rather odd place to find myself! The flight was so short, I was amazed they found time to serve a snack. They pretty much collected our trays as the plane landed. I was in the third row so I was off the plane quickly. A quick peek was taken at my passport, I don't think they even looked at my visa which makes me elligable for temporary residency. I suppose since you don't need a visa to visit they didn't care. I called CF and told him I was in Swizterland, and after about 5 minutes the luggage carousel started to turn. My two suitcases were magically some of the first ones off the plane, I popped them onto a luggage cart and wheeled my way outside to get a taxi. One was waiting right outside the door and he knew our street (it is a large one) so off we went! I was at my front door so quickly that CF hadn't even made it home from the office yet. I found a seat and waited not-so-patiently.

Finally I saw him walking up and jumped up to give him a hug. He showed me inside and I pieced back together the vague memories I had of the building from our visit here last year. Who would have thought I'd be moving in less than a year later? I got a shower and then we had a snack, just as he had promised: fresh croissants and Nutella. I was home.

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