Friday, October 26, 2007

For the record...

One of the fun perks of this trip was getting some new clothes. It should have been, and was almost a disaster. I bought some cheaper jeans and was told to buy them tight because they stretch out so much, and well, they didn't stretch out enough. So I bought some different jeans, the most expensive ones I've ever bought (though I know there are plenty out there that cost much more) and I loooove them. I didn't even wear them back home, I just washed them up and packed them... I was asking for trouble. But they're great. So I have to recommend Jag jeans, but maybe they're just plus size? I don't know. I also got some cool new sweaters, a chic trench coat (that has hung up all week in favor of wearing wool out in the freezing but so far dry weather), and a great new pair of shoes. The shoes also could have gone badly, I only wore them around the house a little before packing them. But they re great and the perfect alternate to my comfy but heavy Dansko clogs. These Softspots are lightweight and cushy. Like wearing slippers, love them!

Okay, the for the record part. I bought myself a new belt. I was all mad because I thought I couldn't even fit a regular XL belt. I found a 2XL at Target and that's what I have with me. But now I see that I'm actually wearing it on the last (smallest) hole. Guess I didn't quite know what I was looking for. But at least if this trip gets the better of me I can still use the belt! Just wanted to put in writing where I started. I've only done a few of my hotel room strength training exercises (the push-ups, crunches, and lunges I promise Luisa I would do). But I've walked as much as possible. Mostly for warmth and lack of anything better to do, but hey, I'm earning my sweets. We'll see how the rest of the trip plays out.

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