Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Afternoon thoughts...

I've stopped back at the hotel to thaw out a bit and regroup. It's still freezing out there, kids. Here are some thoughts for the afternoon. I spent way more than I needed to on lunch just because I was too embarrassed to back out after I saw the menu (they had seated me at a table with no easy getaway!), the restaurant was full of chattering men in suits and a few well dressed ladies dripping in sparkling jewels. Holy cow, what was I doing there in my Gap t-shirt? However, someone did say Guten Tag to me there! I was going to do my best with the German menu, but they figured me out very quickly and brought me the English. It seemed like a bit of a defeat but it was very helpful. Afterwards I got a box of those precious cookies from Sprüngli so I can share them with CF later, and there actually is a sticker on the lid that does say to enjoy them as soon as possible! So I guess the guidebook wasn't just making things up. We'll have those tonight after we have bratwurst at Vorderer Sternen, I guess it's just a meat and potatoes kind of day.

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