Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Intentions of Reinvention

Whether I knew it or not at the time that I stopped blogging, I wasn't writing the blog I really wanted to have. I'm taking a wonderful on-line course right now called Blogging Your Way and my head is spinning with ideas. On day 1 we listed blogs we read and why, as well as bloggers we'd wish to be like. Suddenly the fact that I was struggling became a lot less confusing. What I was blogging was not anything like the blogs I enjoyed.

I do intend to give this blog a rebirth. I'm not sure if it will happen before this class is over. So to my classmates that might be stopping by... thank you for coming over but I know there's not really anything here for you to critique! I really appreciate the great network of bloggers in this class; it's very inspiring and encouraging.

As for the rambling travel journaling... I think I can tell you about my European adventures without taking up quite as much of your time. Sorry Grandma, I know you enjoyed reading every last word!

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