Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Antoinette Perry Awards...

Better known as the Tony's. They're happening this weekend, which is always fun, but even more fun is the new tradition that Mr. MP and I have developed over the past couple years. Step one, go up the hill to Hola and drink one or two of their large (and delicious) margaritas. Step two, get home safely and then proceed to watch the highlights of the award ceremony. Brilliant!

The show to look out for this year is Passing Strange. I'm wildly jealous that MP saw it while in NYC this year. He was my plus one when I got free tickets to see it in Berkeley, where it started two years ago. We drove up to Berkeley and had delicious momos at Cafe Tibet on University, then walked around the block to Berkeley Rep and found we were the first to arrive. It was a Yelp Elite event and they were just getting going, so we got the first set of free tickets. Then we spent a little time at the wine reception they had set up just for us Yelpers and got to hear a little bit about the production. Basically they were concerned that the Berkeley Rep audience was well, a little old for this show. They wanted the younger crowd so they plied us with free tickets so we'd go home and talk about the show to all our friends.

Turns out getting there first paid off, best I could tell we got this random set of amazing second row practically center seats while most of the Yelp crowd sat off to the side and towards the back. We had Stew, the writer, star and narrator of the show, right in our faces. We rocked out for the next couple hours. It was a great show but we agreed the second act was a bit long and needed a little more point. So I was pleased to hear it did well Off-Broadway last year, and I was so curious how the show might have changed. It opened on Broadway this year and while it's been well reviewed, I have heard mixed things about how well it's selling. Though Mr. P says it was full when he was there. He also reported the show was tightened up and his non-theater going friend who went with him loved it as well. Hooray!

It just might be Best New Musical... which would put MP and I on a good track record considering we saw Spring Awakening before it really hit big last year.

(Sorry this wasn't here when this post first went up!) Here's a medley from The View... hopefully there will be some better footage soon.

By the way, MP was spending the night at our house in Belmont after the show since we had driven together and it would chop his commute down the next morning. In the toll plaza on the Bay Bridge at almost exactly midnight we had a bizarre encounter. The booth attendant asked if we were married and of course we said no. I can't remember if I was wearing a ring at the time, there was a point where I just went without because they didn't fit due to the weight loss. But I also didn't want to proclaim that I was married just not to him... it suddenly seemed scandalous to be passing into the city at midnight with a man who wasn't my husband. The attendant protested and implored for a proposal... and even promised us a son if we'd get married within the year. We laughed our way home and found "our boy" CF at home waiting for us.

Anyways... here's some great clips from past Tony Awards. Selecting the right number must be really hard. I hate when they try to do a medley of half the songs in the show. It just never works!

Here's Kristin Chenoweth doing My New Philosophy, I believe this was the first time I saw her in anything. It should be noted that just after this number she claimed her Tony in an evening gown and long blond hair, she announced, "I've never gotten changed so fast in my life!"

Here's the first part of Rent I ever saw.

Julie Taymore brilliance from The Lion King

*SIGH* The Spring Awakening kids get totally censored. Please note, after Totally Fucked, MP said to me, "Well, that'll be a good one for the Tony's!" Or did I say it to him? I don't know. This isn't my favorite footage from the show but it fits my Tony theme.

I couldn't delete the Tony's from my Tivo for months because of this.

Check out Sara Ramirez hot off her Tony win earlier in the evening.

OK... I'm cutting myself off. There's so many good ones!

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